Monday, February 23, 2009

Can Harvey Milk give salvation?

Dear Dustin Lance Black

Oscars turn into homosex-fest
'You will have equal rights federally across this great nation of ours'


Homosexuals already have equal rights under the law, but what militant homosexuals are pushing for is SPECIAL rights that would impose their ungodly views upon those who dare to disagree that homosexuality is an acceptable practice, because the Bible clearly condemns the sin of practicing homosexuality.

Can Harvey Milk give salvation? The false gospel of Harvey Milkites would mislead "all of the gay and lesbian kids" that God approves of the SIN of homosexuality.

Dear Dustin Lance Black... know and understand that God does love all those gay and lesbian kids enough to command them, as a loving Father: Don't go down that dead-end road (as my booklet, God and the Gays dares to share - and it's dedicated to my loving mother).

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